Why Fuuko and Raiha?

As soon as Raiha and Fuuko first met (when he saved her), I saw a connection between these two. Their relationship is very interesting because Fuuko is a member of Recca's team, Hokage; while Raiha is a member of Kurei's top assassination team, Uruha. Both Fuuko and Raiha are fiercely loyal to their leaders, so they should be mortal enemies. However, they still show compassion toward each other, Mainly Raiha, who takes it upon himself to train her for the final battle so that she won't get killed. Fuuko and Raiha not only show respect for each other, they also show that they could possibly love each other. They are also rivals because of their madogu. Fuujin and Raijin are opposites, both created by previous Hokage shinobi that were rivals. Fuujin was created as a force of good, while Raijin was created as a weapon of mass destruction. No matter how Flame of Recca ends, I'll always see Fuuko and Raiha as a great and powerful pair.

Why "Storm Warning"

The reason I chose "Storm Warning," as the title for this fanlisting and shrine is because of a lot of things. One of them is because of their Madogu. Fuuko's is the power of wind and Raiha's is the power of lightning. During a dangerous storm, there is always heavy wind and lightning. It also represents their relationship in a way. Their interactions show them mostly as friends that care about each other. But the fact that they are on opposite sides means they will have to fight in the future. The beginning is almost like the "calm before the storm." A warning of what is to come. I haven't gotten to that part of the manga yet but I do know that they end up fighting to the death. Fuuko and Raiha represent two powerful forces of nature that both accompany the deadliest of storms.

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