Fuuko Kirisawa

Age: 16
Blood Type: B
Birthday: August 2
Sign: Leo
Madogu: Fujin
Name Meaning: Wind Child

Fuko had a lot of problems in school. She was picked on constantly, Fuko thought she had no friends, but that was okay with her, she would rather have enemies. In volume 10, during the fight with Gashakura, Fuko is electrocuted, everyone thinks she's dead, but she gets up. She brings up her past, here is that part:

Fuko: This is... nothing... I can handle this pain! Back in Elementary school... Everyone pushed me away... I was alone. There were times when I wanted to die. Junior high school... I didn't trust anyone. I thought everybody was cruel. I didn't need friends, I preferred enemies. Then... I met people... who changed my life. And now I'm not alone. I have friends I trust. Friends who cheer for me and keep me in line. Compared to what I went through back then, this pain is nothing! I'll get back up... as many times as it takes.
Fuuko has a never give up kind of personality, this warrior would die before giving up.

Her personality: Fuuko is a very caring person, but she is also very dangerous. She has a short temper and quickly lashes out at others, mainly her own teammates, and Raiha lol. I laughed at Domon's and Tokiya's conversation about Fuuko during her first fight during the tournament:

Domon: Calling Fuuko 'ugly' is suicide.
Tokiya: Yeah, I think I'll make a mental note of that.
She's sarcastic and sometimes rude but she still cares. She can take pain and doesn't let it stop her, the best example is when she fought Gashakura.

Her fighting ability: In the beginning, she and Recca were rivals; Recca even calls her his archrival. When Fuuko gets the power of Fuujin she challenges Recca. She not only pushed Recca to get stronger, but each time he advanced, she too advanced. Fuuko is a smart fighter, she is always thinking and coming up with different strategies, even in the heat of battle. She has shown this again and again in most of her fights. Tokiya even once commented on her strategies by saying, "she's quite the tactician."

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