This page is about all theories that revolve around Rin. WARNING, this page contains spoilers for AFTER Kakashi Gaiden. Newest at the bottom.

Rin is Naruto's Mom

I don't know where this theory came from but I know it exists. It doesn't make any sense and thankfully this theory has been proven false because Naruto's mother is Kushina Uzumaki.

Theory Status: False

Rin is an Inuzuka

This theory came from the tattoos on Rin's cheeks, it is a possibility since Rin's last name has not been revealed yet. One of the problems with this theory is that Rin doesn't have a ninja dog. Another problem is the shape of her tattoos, an Inuzuka's tattoos look like fangs, Rin's don't. The eyes and the jutsu are different as well so maybe she isn't. She could be somehow related though.

Theory Status: False

Karin is Really Rin

This is another theory I've seen going around, mainly in fanfiction, but I don't understand why. The only similarity to Rin and Karin are their names. They are completely different in looks, personality, and skill.

Theory Status: False

Rin was the ANBU at the Memorial

This theory has already been proven false because the ANBU is Yuugao Uzuki.

Theory Status: False

Rin is the Female Akatsuki Member

This theory may have been a possibility but it isn't anymore now that the female Akatsuki member has been revealed as Konan.

Theory Status: False

Rin is a Missing-Nin

This theory is very possible. It would explain why Kakashi never mentions her when he always mentions Obito. Maybe after what Kakashi told her at the end of Kakashi Gaiden she decided to run away, blaming herself for Obito's death.

Theory Status: False

Rin is Dead

This theory is the most likely one, she could have died on a mission or during the Kyuubi attack. This theory is backed by Kakashi telling Sasuke that all of his loved ones have been killed.

Theory Status: Fact. Kakashi killed her, for what reason we don't know yet. UPDATE: 5/8/13 Rin jumped in front of Kakashi so he'd kill her by accident because when she asked him to before he refused. The reason she wanted to die was because the enemy wanted to use her to get the Sanbi inside the gates of Konoha before releasing it. By dying at Kakashi's hand, she was protecting Konoha.

Rin is Pein's Female Body

This theory is appearing everywhere since chapter 407 was released. I don't know where anyone is getting this from, the body looks more like Kushina then Rin. Besides, Rin has those markings on her cheeks, this female Pein doesn't. If anything, I bet the new body is actually Jiraiya's old female student. You know, the one that was Minato's teammate.

Theory Status: False

Rin is a Spy

This theory is new as of chapter 604. At the end of the chapter we see Kakashi stabbing Rin with Raikiri. Why would Kakashi be the one to kill her? This new theory suggests that Rin was a double agent for Kiri and Kakashi killed her to keep her from telling them Konoha's secrets. With the release of chapter 605 and the Kiri forces are shown, they say "We can't let the enemy get their hands on that corpse, we have to retrieve the girl at the very least!" Why would they want her body still if she wasn't one of their's?

Theory Status: False. as of chapter 629, we know she was so loyal to Konoha that she sacrificed herself to protect it.

Rin is a Jinchuuriki

This theory is new as of chapter 605. Kakashi killed Rin, for what reason is still unknown, but the two had been surrounded by hundreds of Kiri hunter-nin with no escape route. It was obvious that they were after Rin, but why? After Kakashi stabs her, you can see that he was upset about it, to the point of crying from BOTH eyes, not just the Sharingan like when he avenged Obito by killing the Iwa nin (and even unlocks the Mangekyo Sharingan). The Kiri hunter-nin say "Shit, he just took her out! Just when we finally got our hands on it." What is "it?" information? this theory believes that "it," is a biju sealed inside Rin and Kakashi had to kill her so that Kiri couldn't get their hands on the tailed beast locked inside.

Theory Status: Fact as of chapter 629, Rin was the Jinchuuriki of the Sanbi

Rin is an Uzumaki

This theory is new as of chapter 605. Rin's last name has not been revealed yet, why? Could it have been to keep her relation to Kushina and Naruto a secret? This theory says that Rin is a member of the Uzumaki Clan, along with Kushina, Naruto, Nagato, and Karin. Rin doesn't have the traditional red hair of the Clan, but then, neither does Naruto. However, looking at Kishimoto's artwork, Rin's hair looks more Reddish brown than just brown. This would be a possibe tie in with her being a Jinchuuriki, but even if she isn't, it would explain why the Kiri-hunters still wanted her body.

Theory Status: False. Rin's surname is Nohara.

Rin is from Kiri/related to Mei

Could Rin have been from Kiri? maybe her family escaped because of Kiri's "Blood Mist" tradition and didn't want their daughter to get caught up in it and joined Konoha. There is also a belief that Rin is related to the current Mizukage, Mei. Ether way, it would explain why Hunter-nin were sent after Rin (Hunter-nin are used for hunt down traitors to protect their village secrets). It also would explain why they still wanted her body even though she's dead.

Theory Status: Current

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