Fuuko Kirisawa

Fuuko and Recca had been friends since they were little kids. Always trying to beat each other. Fuuko had a lot of problems in school. She was picked on constantly, Fuuko thought she had no friends, but that was okay with her, she would rather have enemies.

Domon Ishijima

Domon has a huge crush on Fuko. Because Fuko wanted to beat Recca so much, Domon thought that if he beat Recca then Fuko would like him. Eventually Domon becomes an ally of Recca's. Domon at first seemed like the weakest member of team Hokage, but with every battle he became stronger. Proving himself a worthy member.

Tokiya Mikigami

Tokiya at first tried to kill Recca, but they eventually become allies. Tokiya is always calm and has a cold personality. When Tokiya was little, his older sister, Mifuyu, tried to protect him from two men and was killed. Mifuyu tells him that they were after the family treasure, Ensui. She gives Ensui to Tokiya and dies. Ever since Tokiya won't get close to anyone. His goal in life is to find the men that murdered Mifuyu and kill them. Yanagi reminds him of Mifuyu, so he tried to get Yanagi away from Recca in order to keep her safe. Tokiya is a cold-hearted person who'd kill without a second thought. But being with Recca, Fuko, Yanagi, and the others, he begins to soften up a little. The only person Tokiya truly respects is Kaoru.

Kaoru Koganei

He is great at solving complex puzzles, which is why Kurei gave him the Kogon Ankin, an extremely complex weapon that only a few people knew how to use it. Kaoru could transform it faster than any other previous owner. And because of that, Kaoru was made a member of Kurei's assassination team, Uruha. When he was younger he had run away from the orphanage, the only home he had ever known, he stole a knife for one reason. To slice his wrist. Kaoru started to cut his wrist but Kurei stopped him. The handkerchief on Kaoru's wrist was what Kurei used to stop the bleeding. Kaoru still wears it over the scare left when he tried to kill himself. Kaoru looked up to Kurei as a brother, trusting him completely. But when he saw what Kurei did to Yanagi, Kaoru left Uruha. During the Urabutosatsujin, Kaoru joined team Hokage in order to protect Yanagi and find out the truth about Kurei.

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