Recca's powers come from the Hachiryu, his eight dragons. Here are those dragons and their powers.

Nadare (Avalanche)

Flame Power: Fire balls
Gender: Female

Saiha (Smashing Wing)

Flame Power: Flame Sword
Gender: Male

Setsuna (Moment)

Flame Power: All who sees his eye instantly gets incinerated.
Gender: Male

Rui (Base)

Flame Power: Illusion Flame Gender: Female

Homura (Flock of Flames)

Flame Power: Flame Whip
Gender: Male

Koku (Void)

Flame Power: Large Flame Bomb
Gender: Male

Modoka (Ring)

Flame Power: A force field
Gender: Male

Reshin (Slicing God)

Flame Power: Unknown
Gender: Male

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