The Original ObiTobi Theory

Also called the Tobito theory, this theory has been around since the introduction of Tobi all the way back in volume 31: Chapter 280 (pg 18). It is the belief that Tobi is in fact, Obito Uchiha.

Evidence for the theory
- Obito's goggles and Tobi's mask share the same color, orange.

- They have similar hair styles, spiky and black.

- Tobi has what looks like bolts on his arms, which would be the only way Obito could still move.

- Tobi's mask which, only has one eyehole, implies that Tobi has only one eye, his right. This would be the only eye Obito would have left.

- Tobi has the sharingan

- Tobi is clumsy, like Obito was

- Tobi's Mangekyo ability is a time-space jutsu, which is similar to what Kakashi has. If each Mangekyo Sharingan user has to have a different kind then it would make sense that Tobi is really Obito because Kakashi's eye was originally Obito's.

- There's also the confrontation with the eight Konoha shinobi during their search for Sasuke. Right before he left, Even though Tobi was speaking to all of them, it seemed as if Tobi was looking directly at Kakashi, which is the moment when Kakashi sees the sharingan in the hole of the mask (volume 43 chapter 395 page 17 and page one of chapter 396).

- When Tobi removes part of his mask, we see a face that looks like an adult version of Obito (volume 43 chapter 397 pages 1-3).

- (7/21/12)
More hints have appeared in Chapter 594. Kakashi is about to make a move, saying: "I'd like to try something before it [Juubi] is revived, if possible," to which Tobi responds with: "Kakashi... you always open your mouth so easily. It's no wonder you've lived a life of regret." Kakashi seems surprised and Gai questions him on who he is. Tobi's reply to him is: "You don't remember faces so what's the point in telling you?" This is HUGE foreshadowing as it implies that whoever Tobi is, Kakashi and Gai know him.

- (8/1/12)
In Chapter 596 Kakashi thinks that his kunai is what scratched Tobi's mask. With the help of Gai and Naruto he tests his theory by using Kamui on Naruto's Rasengan, sending it into another dimension. Shortly after it fades away, Tobi's shoulder shows damage from it. This confirms Kakashi's theory, that Tobi is really using one justu and is going back and forth into the other dimension. It also implies that Tobi and Kakashi's jutsu share the same dimension.

- (8/12/12)
As of chapter 597, Tobi's eye is confirmed to be Obito's as it is in fact the same dimension. Tobi also seems to have issues with Kakashi personally. When asked about the eye he says he got it in the Battle of Kannabi Bridge. He goes on to say that Kakashi's words are meaningless without action to back them and that all he does is make excuses over graves (panel shows Kakashi over a grave, NOT the memorial. Rin maybe?) Kakashi starts shaking and Gai asks him if he's all right. More here

- NEW (8/29/12)
As of chapter 599, it is 100% confirmed that Tobi is Obito.

Problems with this Theory

There are a few problems with this theory, the biggest being how could Obito have survived if his entire right side was crushed. One major thing is that if Obito's entire right side was crushed, he would have died instantly, or at least not have been able to talk. There are also members of Akatsuki that could have saved him, like Kakuzu. The fact that Tobi is frequently seen with Akatsuki member Zetsu, from Grass country where Obito was supposed to have died, supports that idea.

Another problem with this theory is why would Obito join Akatsuki? The answer supporters would give is amnesia, which is possible seeing as being crushed by that boulder could have done something to his head.

Do I Support this Theory?

I used to but now I don't. Why? because it has been revealed that Tobi is Madara. There is way too much evidence that supports that.

As of chapter 559, Tobi cannot be Madara as the real Madara was just resurrected. Does this change how I feel? Somewhat. I do still believe in the ObiTobi theory.

Theory Status